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Make a good first impressionThe first minutes of an interview will define much of the final outcome of it. Act professional; be positive, self-assured and energetic.


You need to sell your image as the image of someone who is above the challenges of the position and ready to assume responsibilities, in other words, make a good first impression.

Some tips for you to keep in mind:

  • Never be late, matter of fact arrive at least 10 minutes early to your interview. Organize everything the day before so you do not have any last-minute problems. Being punctual is pretty important in an interview because if you arrive late you are going to leave a pretty bad impression. If you had always problems with this issue it is recommended that you organize your belonging one day before the interview and to have the correct address so you can be on time.
  • Look good, choose the suit/clothes that suit you the best for the occasion, and have everything ready the night before the interview. Giving the right impression is important because you are not going to do sports, you have to show that you are trying to get the job so being neat and organize is also an obligation in an interview.
  • Do not forget the firm handshake that shows you are a confident person, and remember to keep eye contact. These aspects can define you as reliable or not, because a reliable person can become very useful at any business or institution, and depending what you show you can be considered or not for the job position. This is also one, not to say the most, of the important steps to make a good first impression.
  • Mind your body language, the way you sit, talk, the use of your hands and what you look at. It is easy to get a strong impression out of body language by looking at those aspects so it is important that you control them and show you as a neat and ordered person.
  • Do not ask the wrong questions, salary and benefits are things the interviewer will bring into the conversation at some point. It would not look good if you do it yourself so be calm and take the interview easy.
  • Look friendly, be friendly. It is important not to look too serious; seriousness is not the same as professional. Because a friendly person can make an office environment easier than a serious boring person
  • Avoid negative talk. If the conversation about your previous job and boss comes up be sober, do not look offended, angry or disappointed no matter what the reason you stopped working there was. That is important because no one wants that a person that left a job on a company start talking bad about it, also you can show that you are not reliable and that even some important facts about the company may be talked when that person go out of the company.
  • Listen all the time, and remember that a lot of information you pay attention to in the beginning of the interview can help you structure questions and more accurate answers in the end.

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