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Job interview questionsIf you have got a job interview, congratulations! It means you have done well the previous steps. In order to get success in your interview, you have to be well prepared, then one of the things you can do, it is reviewing some common questions, and examples of good answers for them.


Remember that the job interview it is a good opportunity to let the interviewer knows you are a good candidate for the job, and convince him/her of it.


Here, we present you with the most typical job interview questions you can be asked in your interview.

  • Describe yourself. This can be one of the first questions. Although this question seems to be informal, don't drop your guard. Name your strengths and how they can they help the company. Don't make a big list of your talents, be specific. Prepare in advance your answer to tell your interviewer who you are, your major strengths, and the benefit you can give to the company.
  • Could you tell me about your education? Some employers and certain positions require a specific education, that is why you could be asked about this. A good answer can be focused in the skills and knowledge you have acquired. For instance an answer can be: "I studied at Yale University, and I have acquired good management and business skills. I also participated in some projects…"
  • Describe your career achievements and goals. Let your interviewer knows about your education. If you enrolled in college name it, and also name the jobs you had. Also, mention the achievements you had in the company you worked in before.
  • Why should we hire you? Here, is where you can make the difference between you and other candidates. Focus on your "Unique selling point" (USP), something that can show the employer you have something unique from other candidates. "I consider that I am well prepared, and that I have the experience needed for the job. I am definitely strongly motivated to contribute with this company working on it".
  • Could you describe a difficult situations you had at work and how did you handle it? This is another common questions interviewers make. It intends to know about your behavior. Through this question interviewers intend to know how you could act in certain situation than can be happen in the company. Give punctual examples of the problems and difficult situations you faced, and how you solved them. So refresh memory and be ready to tell a situation you have dealt with.
  • What are your strengths and weakness? It is quite sure you will be asked about it. You can mention here some attributes you have that can qualify you for the job. Describe here your main skills and the experience that correlate with the job position you are applying for. To talk about your weakness, you can go from negative to positive. For instance "I usually make a short plan for the coming week at last minute, but I realize that doing this in advance can give much better".
  • Do you prefer to work on a team or alone? A good answer to this question is telling that you work well on a team, but that you can also work well by your own.
  • Would you take work home with you? Giving a longer answer with more of details it is not appropriate, so you can tell your interviewer that you realize the importance of meetings deadlines and that work have to be done on time.
  • How do you handle pressure and stress? Give a positive response. You can let the interviewer that sometimes stress can help you to use your skills, abilities and knowledge in order to meet deadlines. You can also name that you like to work in a challenging environment.
  • How long do you expect to work in this company? You can answer "I think this company can offer me a satisfying career, and I would like to work as long as I have a good performance and a positive impact"
  • How much do you expect to get paid? To have a better idea to answer this question, you have to make a research about the salaries in the market for related job positions. Also you have to know what your responsibilities will be. Tell your employer you want to know the challenges and responsibilities before to discuss about salary.
  • Tell me why you want to work here. This is another typical question that allows the interviewer knows if you are really interested in the job position, and also know what you know about the company. So research about the company to answer this question. Here, you have the opportunity to let the interviewer knows what you can do for the company.
  • Why are you leaving your job? A suggestion to answer this question is telling you are looking for new challenges that your current career or job didn't offer you. You can answer this, especially if for some circumstances you were fired of your last job.
  • Do you have any questions? Depending on the types of interviews, you can be asked to ask some questions. Try to ask some good ones in order to impress your interviewer. Don't ask questions that already were answered during the interview. Some examples can be "What will be the next steps in the recruiting process?" and "What are the goals of the company for the future?"

Well, the above are just some of the most typical job interview questions you can have at your interview. Of course, depending on the types of interviews, you could be asked more specific questions. To increase your chances to get hired, be prepared and practice to answer the above questions.

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