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Being prepared for an interview is a must when you are trying to get a job, not only to do a great impression but to be confident about yourself and the thing you are going to be talking about.

There is a preparation process that everyone should follow, here some of the keys to do so:

interview preparationSelf preparation: this is perhaps the most difficult step on the interview preparation that a person should follow, because doing a self inspection annually for some people is hard. It is recommended because when a person is unemployed losses confidence and gaining it again requires practice and a lot of self-respect.

Resume actualization: it is also important that you update your resume, because when you are on an interview the resume is going to be your key point, remember that all you write on it is going to be qualified, avoid over filling it with useless words, and get attention by using intelligent and attractive headers.

Once you have prepared yourself and you are very secure that you can get the job, it is recommended that you:

Know the company.

The best answers to job interview questions will come from someone who understands not only the position itself but the background of the company he is applying to. Make sure you have done the appropriate research of the company and that you have talked to people that work there or have some kind of connection.

Know the job.

Be ready for questions that deal directly with the position you are seeking. Review all details concerning the position itself, your own education and work experience and make a little speech about how your skills and knowledge meet the requirements to fill that position. In addition, researching your own name's top search engine results is issue point to making sure the right information is out there about you.

Know yourself.

Make sure you have your points straight, that is, that you know your education and career backgrounds like the back of your hand. At some point the interviewer will ask questions related to your education or experience and you need to be ready to confirm certain information with true facts.

Prepare questions of your own.

Intelligent questions you made equal intelligent answers you give make sure you have a list of questions you would like to ask your interviewer and that will make you look intelligent and genuinely interested on the posted position. Questions such as: "What are the major problems the area is facing right now?" will do.

As an important step in the interview preparation, you should not forget to practice some questions that may be asked. Ask a friend or a close person to help you during this practice or if you do not have anyone you can practice in front of a mirror. This practice will help you once again to do a review of how you look and how you sound while on an interview, once identified all the factors that you think may affect to in a negative way your interview you should practice to improve them.

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