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Work Experience A big number of people agree in the level of difficulty when making the list of work experience or professional experience. This is an essential section because it says the type of employee that you are now and in the future. Also, it indicates to the recruiter about the career path chosen by you. Also, it could result a time consuming. Maybe you have not a full-time work experience or your have changed careers and you don't know how to place your hard work in one page.

The experience is the most important part of a resume such as the resume profile. It should comprehend internships, part-time jobs, full-time jobs, voluntary work and more. For each one of the positions, you can put the company's name and location, also your title, bullet statements, dates of employment. Your resume must be descriptive regarding each position.

When you are going to make a list of your experience, you should keep it in reverse chronological sequence. So, you need to start with the most recent job and end with the older ones. In case that in the past you have obtained a valuable experience, but in the present you have a not related job. What you can do is divide your experience in two parts, one of them would be for Relevant Experience and the other one would be Other Experience. This is a really good idea because your Relevant Experience will appear near to the beginning of your resume and further down will be the Other Experience part.

It is recommendable that under each one of your work experiences, the bullet points have a short description of your functions and achievements. These bulleted statements shouldn't be longer than one or two lines. Try to be concrete in these descriptions. For instance, instead of writing "Responsible for developing online marketing campaigns", you could write "Responsible for assisting to determine, plan and develop four online marketing campaigns". Moreover, you could begin these descriptions with the most important and stunning information, and then mention the most common duties.

It is crucial that your resume contains a range of well selected action verbs which could define your position in the company. Therefore, you should begin the bullet points with an action verb. Start choosing the best verbs that describe your responsibilities. You could use verbs in present tense to refer to your current duties in the company. For example, use the verbs: create, arrange, coordinate, etc. Should you not work anymore for the company, you can use the verbs in past tense to refer to your duties. For example, use the following verbs: created, arranged, coordinated, etc.

Avoid using personal pronouns on your resume in first person like "me" or "I". Also, you shouldn't evaluate yourself. For example, "learned a lot with this job experience". Instead of that prefer to leave it to the trial of employers. Remember that you should use a variety of action verbs. Here is an example:

ABC Company, Networking intern, Tampa, FL, August 2012 – Present

  • Help to repair, improve and monitor the network capacity.
  • Help to diagnose and do a preventive maintenance of network systems.

Alpha Company, Hardware intern, Orlando, FL, February 2011 - October 2011

  • Controlled the hardware and infrastructure.
  • Configured operating systems and software for the network connectivity.
  • Assembled and installed hardware components.

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