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Nowadays, you have several ways to send your resume to your prospective employers or job recruiters. Technology has increased the opportunities to find the job you want in the employment market. When you finally decide sending your resume, you should identify the person to whom you will send it. You must also choose the way to send your CV. You can currently send it by e-mail, traditional mail or fax.

Job hunters recommend to novel job seekers to send their resumes in the format that the employer requests, otherwise he/she can think that someone send an unrequested resume. You must know how the recruiter wants you to submit your resume. If you decide not following the potential employer's indications can automatically eliminate from consideration before your CV is even reviewed.

Whatever the shipping way you choose, you should follow these recommendations. They will help you increase your success to get the job:

Send your resume
  • Identify the person to whom you must send your resume. If you don't know the name of the recruiter, you should call the company and ask someone for the specific name to which you can send this document. Don't forget to include a name and title on the cover letter that comes before your resume.
  • Review your resume many times before sending it out! It must be a neat, well-redacted and brief document, of course, free of errors.
  • Include a cover letter. It states your desire to be considered for the job, introduces your abilities, and encourages the employer you check out your resume.
  • Be ready to respond. There are some steps you should follow:

    • You must always answer your phone.
    • Use a confident and secure tone of voice.
    • Record a clear and formal message on your answering machine or voice mail.

    • Ways to send your resume

      There are three main ways to send your resume and they are:

      1. Email

      This is the most popular way that applicants use to send their resumes. If you will send your cover letter and resume by email, you should attach them, unless the employer request you not to make it. You can also send your resume as part of the email itself. However, you can also scan your resume and send it, this will give to your resume a professional appearance.

      2. Paper mail

      This is the traditional way. If you decide mailing your resume, you should not send it on its own. It must be accompanied by a letter of application, or cover letter. These documents should be printed on the same high-quality paper. It is a good idea to send them in a large envelope to prevent folding.

      3. Fax

      This is probably the less used way to send a resume. The key to success in a faxed resume are white spaces. Without them, character blurs. You should be certain that you are using a high-quality fax machine and a well-designed fax cover page.

      Take into consideration the above recommendations and send your resume correctly!

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