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Revising your resume
A report by Accountemps (a world's largest specialized temporary staffing company for bookkeeping, finance and accounting professionals) mentioned that 5 of 10 employees make mistake at the moment of writing a resume. There are 4 common faults that applicants make that we detail below. The method to find these mistakes is revising your resume:

Tips revising your resume
  • Team work: To mention this phrase in a resume, consider to use some real cases. For example when we mention "ability to work with large and small teams", and "team work skills", you can replace this phrase for "I worked with three different areas and 10 providers to increase sales by a certain percentage". Specifying the information is really important, so you can show a real case instead of just saying you work well with teams.
  • I developed the project: When you inform aspects like "I was responsible for attending this area or project" or "I developed this work" you say nothing. The important is informing how you developed the work, not what or how many tasks you developed.
  • Focused on results: It is another thing you have to check at the moment of revising your resume. "Focused on results", it is a phrase that has to be replaced. Focused on results is very general information, you have to specify the related results.
  • Reliable and dedicated: All workers must have these two characteristics. They must be innate qualities for any worker. Avoid qualify yourself; let to your accomplishments, experience, knowledge, training and actions speak for yourself.

Once your resume is ready, take a break before revising it, otherwise you couldn't recognize all errors and won't have a clear idea of what to improve. Once you have a break, get back to it and check if there is something to correct and change.

How long should your resume be?

It depends on the type of job you are looking for, but a resume usually has between 1 and 2 pages. It is very common that nowadays you write a resume that fit in one page only, this is usual when you are applying for a job and emphasizing in the aspect the employer will be interested in. A two-page resume is used when you want to add a lot of educational and experience details, mostly for more technical careers. A three-page resume is still used but not very practical or recommended. Advices revising your resume
How do you make room for more information?

By shortening certain areas that can be:
  • Personal info details, such as name, address, etc. Just make the font size two points smaller.
  • The headings can be bigger that the regular text but try not to make them too big, in case you need extra room reduce the font size and try by bolding all headings.
  • Check the space between paragraphs and reduce it.

All these tips are important at the moment of revising your resume. Take note about them and consider that many resumes are not taken into consideration by small mistakes. Finally don't forget to write well your skills, abilities and achievements specifying information. Take in mind the tips above and write a successful resume.

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