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Make a good resume can increase the possibilities to land a good job, but how does one make sure that have a top notch resume? Well, you need to bear in mind some resume tips to have a bullet proof.

resume writing tips

Below there are some tips that can help you to make a well-presented resume:

Tip 1: Currently, employers are receiving a large number of resumes so a resume must call the employers' attention in a few seconds. To get this purpose, one can use skill headings and job titles that match the jobs you want. For example:

  • You can use "Management of A/R" and "A/P Accounts" instead of a simple "Accounting / Recordkeeping".
  • "Computerized Accounting Applications" instead of "Computer Skills".
  • "Departmental Administration / Recordkeeping" instead of "Administrative"

This way to present your skill heading will generate you more interviews and more job offers.

Tip 2: Today, employers do not have enough time to read all the resumes that applicants present that is why they make snap judgments, so if someone includes unrelated skills or job titles in its resume, the probability they do not choose you for the job is quite high.

Although, a resume seems interesting to employers, they do not have time to review all job descriptions to determinate if someone is the right person for a position. That is why, a resume must highlight the most important information about skills, work experience and education, and thereby employers will have a better image of your abilities and skills.

Tip 3: An important tip is that a resume must include content that sells, this mean the content of a resume have to get attention. This is important to have more interviews. For example:

  • You will have more interviews, if you include: "Managed over 1,500 payable and receivable accounts working directly with the Chief Financial Officer" instead of include: "Maintained records for payable and receivable accounts".

Tip 4: It is very important to use numbers to describe responsibilities and achievements; this will help to improve an image. Quantifying and numbers will help to create vivid images in employers' mind when they will read a resume. Usually one must be more specific while is describing its duties.

One must also use power verbs or words to strengthen its image. For example: you want to use the experience you have gained in a management position, you can use the following words: "Directed workflow, supervised and trained accounting staff performing posting to general ledger, payable and receivable accounts".

Tip 5: Someone has to learn how to analyze the important words or key words that employers give in job descriptions and help wanted ads to create powerful and well-prepared resumes. For example: Someone can analyze the following ad to get some key words:

"Seeking experienced A/R Manager to manage, oversee accounts, billing and collections, clerical staff and train accounting, prepare monthly balance sheets and develop status reports for management. A.A. Degree or B.A. Degree with minimum of two years experiences required."

This small ad has between 10 -13 phrases or keywords that one should include in a resume.

  • Management of A/R Accounts.
  • Supervision of Accounting and Administrative Staff.
  • Billing and Collections.
  • Balance Sheet and Management Status Reports.
These are the most basic resume tips, if someone wants to get a position he/she has to take into account these important tips.

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