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Applying for a job includes writing a resume to get an interview because the resume is considered as a calling card and is not only show qualifications but helps employers to know the candidates as people. Years ago, the Formal Resume was important in order to search job and the minor error in its formality can be the difference between lost or get a job opportunity.

formal resumeThrough the years with the Internet and the revolution in communications, the informal format was defunded through different communication channels that allow people to make contentmore personable; however, there are older employers that prefer a formal resume.

In this type of resume is important to consider some aspect such as: You must write in third person while keeping a formal language throughout the document. In some cases formal format can use informal techniques such as: use few words to say a lot, this way employers can find rapidly the information they need.

Nowadays, be more personable and depending on the industry where you are, informal resumes are over formal types because dropping the formality can be a better way to effectively communicate across different fields and convey the real sense of the personality and work style of applicants.


  • At the top of the resume, write your first and last name (it must be at center, bold and in a font size of 14 or 16). It is important to stand out your name, this way employer remembers it. Below your name, write your mailing address (this in font size of 11), telephone number and email.

  • It is optional to include an Objective section, but it is a good idea if you apply for a job so employers can read the reasons why you are the best candidate for the job. In this section write about the position you want and the experiences you have for this, you can also include information about some special interest.

  • The next section is Education in which you will make a list of the schools you attended; consider starting with the most recent. For each educational institution includes its name, city, state, dates in which you attended and degrees you received.

  • The following section is Experience, you could consider listing the three most current jobs but if you consider that more than three jobs where important, you can add them. For each job includes its business name, type of business, city and state where it is located, name of employer, phone number, roles and dates you worked there. Make this list in reversechronological ordering.

  • The last section is References; here you should list three past employers as work references but if you had more important employers, add their information to take advantages. In the case you do not have work reference names, use personal references. For each reference, you should include their first and last names, city and state where they live and a phone number. If you do not have room at the bottom of this section you can write that references were provided upon request.

Note: The title of the sections can be on the left-hand margin in bold and font size 12; and its content can be typed in font size 11 and do not bold.


The formal resumes are required for certain types of positions such as in medicine, science and law field. It can be used when common sense of convention makes this format as the right logical choice. This resume shows the experience-based work skills that could compensate missing formal requirements en some job positions. When a candidate sends this format, he/she must send a document with high quality and does not need explanation. For professionals without enough experience, this format cannot be the right choice to present their information.

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