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Nowadays, in the competitive workplace the job applicants need every edge possible. One possibility is the resume because its purpose is to get an interview with prospective employers. So an effective resume could:

  • Convince an employer that you are a qualified candidate for the job position.
  • Create an interest of employer in meeting you.
  • Demonstrate the skills you possess.

That means your resume must look professional or polished; the first step is to find an adequate format and then know the types of information that a professional would include on its resume.

Resume Templates are a better starting point to create one so when you are writing your resume, you can have an idea how it should look like.There are a great number of these templates available online that you can download for nothing, so you should understand what the correct format isand not make the mistake of write a resume to later discover that another format would have been better to advertise your experiences.

Once the template is on your computer you must think about the information you should put on your resume, consider including the most important aspects of your academic and professional history. Then modify and edit your resume to customize it and highlight some skills or abilities, and not be afraid to change the format and fonts.

Before starting with the changes, you can save the original version and whether some moment you need to go back and start over, you can do it. You can also compare different versions of your resume and identify which could cause the best impression. In this website you can take a look at the different resume templates andresume samples.

The most common styles of resumes are the functional resume, the chronological resume, the combination resumeand the formal resume. Below you can find information about these formats, so we recommend choosing the best suited to your personal characteristics.

functional resume


This type of resume is focused on skills. It is used for people with a short work history or gaps of time, and also applies for those that consider a change career. It is recommended use functional format when job applications require specific skills rather than work experiences. Here find information how to write a functional resume.
chronological resume


List the work history in chronological order, beginning with most current job or employer. This type of resume is the right choice for those people with a great work history, this way the employers can appreciate where and when they worked. If you want to know how to make one, here you will find this information.
combination resume


It is a combination of functional and chronological resumes. The first part shows candidates' skills and attributes, and second part about their work history in reverse date order. Its purpose is to match candidates' skills with the job requirements and show the employer your work experience. Read more about combination resume.
formal resume


The formal resume is a clear summary of relevant points about professional and academic profile of job applicants. Nowadays, it is not used for many people, but some specific positions or companies require this format for applicants.Think of the resume as aimportant marketing toolto potential employers and learn how to do one.

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