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A reference page is a document with references of the last jobs. Nowadays, this page is very important in a resume, because it contains all the people who know well about your job, and are able to attest to your way to work and your ability to do the work which you are seeking. This page can facilitate or break your job search.

Although the references are an important part of the resume, it is recommended that an applicant provides this information in an additional page instead of include this list on the resume, because this way has several benefits, one of them is that it allows you to have more space in your resume and you will also have more space to explain your other qualities.

It is sometimes advisable not to attach the reference page on the resume, because some employers assume this information will be provided on request. The main reason is that employers want to ensure reference information provided is current.

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There are two types of references: professional and personal.

Personal references:

If you want to do a list with personal references, it is necessary include a reference's name, professional title, home address, phone number, cell phone, e-mail, how long known, and relationship. You can consider including a co-worker as a personal reference.

Professional references:

In this type, you must include a reference's name, position or title, company, company address, phone, cell phone, e-mail, how long know, capacity, and relationship.If the position or person's title is similar to the employment you want, include a reference's job title can help to promote your image, because employers will want to know about you from a person who was in a position responsibility or other person in a related field that can judge your experience, work, responsibility, reliability and professionalism.

You can also specify how that person knows you, for example, a supervisor, employer, business associate or co-worker, with the purpose of help to employers to understand what your relationship was with those people.

For example:

If you are searching an accounting position, you can include professional references such as CEO, a Certificated Public Accountant and Accounting Supervisor; with the purpose of promote your professional contacts in accounting.

It is very important to get permission to use all references. It may be beneficial for you to let them know the positions you will apply for and what skills those positions need. Then you must ask them that when possible employers contact them, they talk about what they believe to be your best traits, talents and skills.

It is also important to verify what references will say about you, so when you ask a person to be your reference, you also ask what this person would say about your reliability, ability and work habits when a potential employer contact with him/her.

In the event that the reference is a former employer, you can ask this employer if your work in his/her company was such that she/her would rehire you, because employers usually make this question when they are checking your references.

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