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RECOMMENDED RESUME KEYWORDS At the time of writing your resume, you mention your degrees, your skills, experience, previous jobs and also your enthusiasm and desire to work. Writing a resume this way is actually fine, but there are some keywords that should be used on resumes. Keywords resume are words that are looked for by interviewers or the person (or machine) in charge of taking a look at your resume, they can be called actions verbs or power words too, and their function is make your resume more powerful and direct .

Now you know what a keyword resume is, it is time to learn how to use them. For example, you have this on your resume:

"I was a marketing assistant for many years, and I know how to handle marketing software."

These words are fine for a regular resume, but they can be improved this way.

"I am an effective marketing assistant with 5 years of success inside the area, very skilled in marketing programs"

As you can see, you are saying the same but adding more power by using keywords.

How can resume keywords help me?

When an interviewer takes a look at your resume, he tries to find the words that he is looking for, for example, in case they are looking for a marketing assistant, it is obvious that is going to try to find "marketing assistant", but it can be complemented with another keywords like, effective, skilled, enthusiast, and so on. But it is not the only way how keywords help you, if you send your resume by email, it is stored on a database, and companies look for those resumes that contain the words they need, in this case "marketing assistant", and many others.

How to determine the keywords that I should use

Besides the fact that you can find a lot of action words (or keywords) online, there are some words that are particularly important for the company's purposes, the way to find them is actually easy, so take a look at the following list.

  • The keywords used on the job announce elaborated by the company.
  • The words that are constantly repeated in online job ads.
  • Ask to people on the same career field about them.

Keep in mind that the best keywords source is the first one, the announce elaborated by the company, try to follow each one of the requirements and use the same words, nevertheless, there are many others that you can use. Take a look at the following list of popular keywords:

Advocated, anticipated, analyzed, built, demonstrated, designed, developed, dynamic, effective, exceptional, expert, implemented, inspired, managed, motivated, performed, persistent, proficient, skilled, successful, supervised, tenacious, unique, and so on.

Use the keywords resume consistently, if you write them on the titles is even better, that way you call quickly the interviewer's attention, and also you have better chances on websites dedicated to help you find a job. Remember that using keywords helps you not only on interviews, but also on search engines, if a employer writes "marketing assistant", according to the keywords you wrote and where you did it you can appear on the first results or not.

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