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information gathering Define what makes you an attractive prospect:

The next information gathering will help you to take the best decisions and been more confident about yourself. First what comes first: Why would someone hire you? Is there anything in particular that makes you THE one to be chosen out of another 100 applicants? Through easy steps we will define those qualities in you that need to be highlighted starting… Now!

To be better informed We have divided the Information gathering provided in the next steps:

1. What do you do well?

What have your main responsibilities been for the past years? Out of those responsibilities: Which ones would you say where easy tasks to you, compared to your colleagues? What courses did you take that are interesting and helpful in job searching? In your personal life: What hobbies or routines do you have that could be looked upon as interesting ones? Why? What do they have that make them interesting and what do they say about you? Make a list of all the previous and there you go: Your skills.

2. What do you enjoy doing?

You know what your skills are by now, now, think of the ones you enjoy applying the most. Also, think of the responsibilities, the important ones, you were in charge of for the past years, which ones did/do you enjoy the most? Why? Think about your personal life again, and those hobbies and routines of yours, anything in particular that you consider could be interesting to your interviewer/employer that is worth mentioning in your resume? Why?

3. Compare the results in steps 1 and 2.

4. Make a new list with the things that you are good at and that you enjoy doing.

5. Shorten the list.

There may be a large number… or perhaps a short number of skills you have that you enjoy; now we need to shorten the list so choose the three skills that will get you this particular position. Ready? Go!

6. Choose the best ones.

From your list of underlined skills, choose the 2 or 3 you think will be the most attractive one to the person reading your resume.

7. Now prove it!

Think of the achievements at work when applying the 3 skills that define you the best for the position maybe a successful project or an interesting position. Include this to support your skills description. Do not forget to include names and dates, it´s all important up to this point.

Important considerations in your resume:

  • It is advisable do not include salary expectations.
  • You should start your resume with your full name, try to avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • If you are working for other company try to not give explanation of your decision of leave the job, unless the interviewers will ask the reasons during the interview.
  • Many people recommend do not include the next information in your resume, photograph, genre, age, health condition, age, political group and religious beliefs.
  • If you have work experience, you should give your references with names, position and contact info. Try to be punctual and precise in this part

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