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Education and academic achievements Education is an important section in your resume because it is about the most crucial parts of your life. Also, usually this section could result the easiest part of the resume to write. However, there could be some factors that could make you feel insecure about the education section. Trough this guide, you will learn to know how to write this section. You will know if you need to include or take away some aspects.

First of all, you should make a list of your newest degree. Then, you could register should you are inscribed in some institution. Remember to mention the degree expected and the date of graduation.

Put the name of the school with its location by city-state and refer to country should you have inscribed in other country that is not the United States, for each institution. You can also add the level and type of the degree with the date that you obtained the degree. Register the certificate otherwise, whether you not obtained a particular degree.

It is significant to include your GPA on your resume because it indicates about the performance achieved in your college. Here, you should take the overall or major GPA. Employers use to review this information because it helps them to compare and evaluate applicants.

Moreover, you could add other academic achievements that you obtained in college. You may include awards, scholarships, honors and more.

You could list your internship in this section. Nevertheless, it is better to include it in the proper section which is the Work Experience should you don't have relevant professional experience.

Regarding the information of your degrees, here is what you should do. Whether you have obtained more than one degree in one institution, you should mention once the institution and after that place the most recent degree. In case that the degree is going to be obtained in the current year, you should include the month and year. Otherwise, you should list your degree and then add "Anticipated Graduation" with the month and year.

With respect of the name of the institution, you should mention only the institutions which a degree is listed in reverse chronological sequence with their city and state. It should look like: University of Texas - Austin, TX.

When you include your academic honors, you could include your GPA information. GPA is usually mentioned when it is above or close to 3.0. When major GPA is higher you should mention it and then the overall GPA. For instance, Major GPA: 3.1, Cumulative GPA: 2.9. When you don't mention the GPA information, it could indicate to employers that you have a GPA lower than 3.0. Whether you have other academic honors like scholarships, awards, academic honor societies, etc., you should include them in other section like the Honors section.

In case that you studied abroad, you should let know to employers that you have language skills according to the country, cultural understanding and maturity. So, you include the institution's name without mention the Penn State program, then the city and country. If you consider relevant, you could mention that you lived together with a native family because it indicates cultural immersion.

This is an example of the Education section:

University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Expected graduation date: September 2012
Major GPA: 3.45/4.0

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