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Cover letters are a very useful way to leave a really great first impression; they are attached to several documents, especially to resumes. A cover letter is a formal way to explain who we are and the reasons why we are writing any other document. There are many cover letter tips, as well as reasons to write one, but this section will focus on the main advises to write a correct letter, take a look at each one of the following things and write your own cover letter.

Aspects that every cover letter should contain

  • Yours and contact information: Your information must be on the top of the document, and the contact information right after it.
  • Explain why you are sending the letter: You must explain the reasons why you are sending the cover letter, try to be specific and objective.
  • Write about how you know about the job opportunity: It is also important to explain how you found out about the available position, you can write something like "I found an advertisement on ABCD magazine" or similar.
  • Call the attention of the person who will read your letter: Write an attractive letter, the first paragraph must be attractive and interesting for the interviewer or the person who is going to receive it, that way the letter will be read and you will convince the reader to read your resume too.
  • Reflect your personality: At the time of writing your cover letter, you should try to show your attitude and personality, that way the interviewer can see that you are an enthusiast person.
  • Focus on the requirements: In order to call the attention of the reader, you should focus on the job requirements and match your skills with them, that way he will see that you are a potential option to hire.
  • Do not copy your resume: A cover letter should complement your resume not copy the information there, remember that you can also complete the information and explain better your degrees, preparation and previous jobs.

cover letter writing tips

Things to avoid on your cover letter

  • Grammatical mistakes, errors: Avoid grammatical mistakes and errors. Read over and over your letter until you see that it is perfect.
  • Stains: A cover letter must be neat, once printed put it in a safe place, nobody wants to read a stained cover letter.
  • Too long cover letters: A cover letter is usually one page long, try to do yours the same length.
  • Too big or too small font size: The font size should be big enough to be easy to read, not too big, and not too small.
  • Weird font styles: Never use too weird font styles, the font style must be easy to read, no matter how beautiful it looks, a cover letter must be impeccable, well written and well structured. The font style has to be easy to read.

Follow the cover letter tips explained above and write a very powerful letter, try to be concise and objective, and do not forget to thank the reader for his time and for giving you that opportunity to apply for the job. Finally add that you will follow up your cover letter, indicate when you will call to see if your application is going well, and leave your contact information in case they want to contact you sooner.

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