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Contact information is the most important part to be contacted, there are several aspects that you should know before complete this information. Omitting any information requested could be a big mistake.

The contact information must contain our personal data, personal address, cell phone number contact and if it were required more information. We have order this information by items, take the enough time to fill out your contact information with these suggestions.

contact informationPersonal Data:

Personal data means the related information with the person; the personal data indentify and describe the individual aspects of people. They explain the origin, age residence, academic preparation, employment experience and others. In addition personal data describe: civil status, work status, sex, language, economic condition, and sometimes religion. It advisable does not comment any mistake in this part the most relevant information is: First names and surnames, Date of birth, Personal address, Cell phone number and contact Email.
  1. The Full name should be well written without any mistake, and with the same style and size of letter. Don't forget the capital letters, and be especially careful in include punctuation marks.
  2. Your personal address should be detailed with the city, county and the district. Do not forget include the postal code. Some companies send thank you letters after the interview. Try to give your permanent address this information is going to be in the data base of the company.
  3. Phone contact: Try to consider only the numbers that you use your cell phone, home phone and the office phone if you would have one. Remember mention in your resume your time availability. Many recruiters or employers could call you when you are busy. The main objective of the resume is get the phone call, if you lose this opportunity everything we could do is going to be in vain. Remember be attentive to this phone call and responds properly.
  4. E-mail: We recommend only formal E-mail address, avoid offensive e-mail addresses. Review your mailbox every day and try to review the spam.
  5. The photo: This part is a great dilemma. You should choose if you add your photo or not.

Some companies require the URLs from facebook, twitter and my space, remember it is not necessary. Information such as civil status, if you are married, separated or divorced. This information is required in some companies; add with carefully with this information. The driving license is important information. If you have a driving license you must add this data in your resume. DNI and nationality are necessary data, but if it is not requested try not to add in the CV.

Additional and useful information:

Academic information

The academic information cover the information related with our professional preparation. The necessary information is:

  • Academic studies.
  • Professional degrees.
  • Information about educational institutions.
  • Languages.
  • Specialization courses.
  • Seminars.
  • Certifications (Master, graduated courses, PhD, etc…)

Work experience:

If you don't have this information you must leave this space in blank. As you know the work experience is always an important request for many companies. The recruiters always look for well prepared and expert professionals.

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