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Common mistake writing a resume Everybody make common mistakes at the time of write a resume when apply to any job. An adequate resume is the first letter of presentation to the company of job offer; however we are human and make many mistakes. Most resumes have the same type of mistakes, they are ten and herewith we will help you to not make them:

1. Errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Spell-checking software will not do it all, you can be certain of it. If you want to avoid the large number of spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes most people make you will have to read your resume at least two times carefully, scanning all possible mistakes.

The Second step is as useful as the first one: Give your resume to someone to read it aloud, and then listen carefully looking for mistakes. A Resume cannot have errors AT ALL.

2. No objective or summary.

An objective tells whoever is reading your resume what you exactly are looking for, and what you can exactly do. If you avoid this, the employer will have to go through your entire resume figuring out what your abilities are and what you would like to do.

3. Focus on responsibilities instead of results.

Be practical, do not spend much time and waste much space of your resume explaining what your responsibilities were, tell employers what you have achieved, that exposes your potential in a direct and powerful way.

common mistakes to avoid 4. Too many big words. Unless you are looking for a job as a writer or poet, do not make your resume complicated or difficult to read, on the opposite, make it practical, employers want to know if you are suitable for a job or not, they are not interested in your vocabulary skills. Just keep it simple!
5. Erroneous or missing information

You have to check twice the personal notes in your resume, the information have to be actualized constantly like the mobile number, the e-mail address or your home address. You can put an additional number of a fixed telephone, because many companies call to fixed phone before to call mobile number. Other important aspect is have an e-mail address; if you don't have one, create an account with a formal name because the 60% of contact with applicant is by this media tool.

6. Excessive Information

One of the common mistakes is put excessive and irrelevant information about you, for example tastes, preferences and personal activities, as this may give the impression that you decorate your lack of experience or knowledge. An addition, the employers has less time to review all applicant resumes for this reason, its important complete the resume only with honest and specific information.

7. Poor esthetics of the resume

The resume hast to be written with a harmonious, simple and easy form to read. All headings and subheadings should be bold, use short and concise paragraphs, avoid patches or fixes among others.

8. Imprecise data, an intolerable fault

The precise dates in which you worked previously are necessary. The company need know the exact dates of your previous work experience to require letters of recommendation to them. We must avoid put incomplete names without dates or vague descriptions, the order should be chronological unless we want to highlight something special, in that case you should put it at the head.

9. Lying in the resume

A well-known phrase is "Lies have short legs" and it is a universal truth. For this reason, tell and communicate the truth is necessary. If we assume that we have a language level that we don't have really and we are tested, we will evidence our shortcoming of knowledge. Other case is if you exaggerate the knowledge, for example of a program, you will be discovered as soon as you start at work.
10. Make a general curriculum

The applicant has to write specialized resumes according to the job position that the company offers. You should write first the most relevant experience and knowledge according to the job position in the first paragraphs, that are the ones that determine if the applicant should be selected or not, the employer will not read the last paragraph if don`t pay attention to the first.
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