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You can see in our sales manager resume example some tips to introduce yourself to a potential employer successfully, this resume includes the objective, skills, working experience and education.

Bryan Northon

804 Cortlandt St. New York, NY 10002
(212) 548 – 0896
(212) 989 – 9968


To obtain the position of Sales Manager in an institution which allows my personal and professional growth.


• Extensive experience in management.
• Excellent ability to lead teams and solve challenging situation.
• In-depth knowledge of the market, sales, marketing, merchandising and staff development.
• Good analytical, leadership and communication skills.
• Capable of directing, coordinating and assisting activities and staff.
• Familiar with several computer applications.


Sales Manager
Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet, New York, NY

2004 - Present
Increase the company’s profits in around 24% in three years. Assist manager with sales procedures and in the development of marketing campaigns. Monitor contract compliance in order to maintain good relationships with customers. Develop business plans and strategies. Manage the sales department but work together with other departments as marketing, manufacturing, accountancy, etc. Prepare monthly sales reports and present them to executives. Train, supervise and assign duties to the employees in the department.

Sales Manager
Co Weill Manufacturing, New York, NY

1997 - 2003
Manage, direct and supervise all the actions in the sales department. Develop strategies to achieve the targets settled by the company. Look for potential new clients and meet them to define the terms of the relationship. Work with the manufacturing department and make suggestions to improve the final product. Solve conflicts with other departments. Hire and train staff and assign them tasks, schedules, clients and accounts.

Assistant Sales Manager
Leonardo Carpet Manufacturing, New York, NY

1990 - 1996
Sale the company’s products. Look for new customers and keep satisfied the existing ones. Coordinate presentations with clients in order to introduce new products of the company to them. Supervise the staff and report to the sales manager all the problematic situations. Assist the manager in daily duties as assigning tasks, schedules, bonuses, etc. Present weekly reports about the sales. Update the clients’ database.


Master of Business Administration
Michigan University, New York, NY

Bachelor of Science in Management
Yeshiva University, New York, NY

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