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Include in your resume the capabilities will help you in a future job as a project manager, it's also necessary to write an objective, you can see more tips following the project manager resume example.

Charles Peterson

Address: 1252 W Randolph St. Chicago, IL 60684
Telephone: (312) 265 - 0953
Cell phone: (312) 908 - 3494


To achieve the Construction Project Manager position in a major and recognized company in the construction field.


• Prepare budgets and propose them to clients.
• Plan, administer and supervise projects.
• Assign responsibilities and resources to the staff.
• Schedule and organize the activities.
• Set budget and deadlines and ensure their accomplishments.
• Analyze the operations to find ways to reduce costs.
• Solve problems or emergencies that present.
• Prepare weekly and monthly reports.
• Construct good relationship with and among the employees.


Company: DMA & Associate Architects, Chicago, IL
Position: Project Manager
Period: From 2008 to Current days

Company: Erimar Construction Services, Chicago, IL
Position: Senior Architect
Period: From 2003 to 2008

Company: David Schroeder Architects, Chicago, IL
Position: Architect
Period: From 1995 to 2002


Master of Business Administration
With Concentration in Project Management
Graham School Of Management, Chicago, IL

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
University of Illinois, Chicago, IL

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