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Sergio Kidman

4231 Atlantic Ave. Kansas City, MO 64012
(816) 428– 1875
(816) 972 – 0973


To obtain the position of Production Manager, in a major and well-known company in the city.


Experienced professional, with great management and administrative ability. Capable of multitasking and solving problems, even under pressure. Possess strong technical, negotiation and communication skills.


Production Manager
Alarm Systems, Kansas City, MO

2007 - Present
Design and supervise the management operation systems. Develop quality control programs. Design the company’s marketing strategies. Prepare and present company accounts and budgets. Delegate material and duties to the staff.

Production Manager
MHz Caster & Equipment, Kansas City, MO

2001 - 2007
Make presentations of new products to executives and customers. Carry out market research to define people’s preferences. Develop marketing strategies to promote the company’s products based on these researches.

Assistant Production Manager
Helget Products, Syracuse, NY

1997 - 2000
Supervise that the other departments develop the campaigns according to the plan and within the budget. Assist the production manager with presentations, developing campaigns, data analysis, etc.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
University of Missouri, Kansas City, MO

Bachelor of Arts in Management
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

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