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As in any other medical profession, it's important to include your number of license, and any other related affiliations and certifications. If you don't have enough working experience you can include a brief summary of yourself, see more tips in our Physical therapist resume example.

Leonard Chapman

1070 Saint James Ave. Springfield, MA 01082
(413) 658 - 5269 – (413) 956 - 4907


To obtain a job as a Physical Therapist, in a center which will allow me to develop my therapy skills.


Certified, well-educated and experienced professional, capable of diagnosing physical problems and deciding appropriate treatments for them. Skilled at massaging and using all type of therapy equipment. Capable of treat patients of all ages and physical condition, thanks to excellent interpersonal skills.


Physical Therapist
Pain Management & Rehab Center, Springfield, MA

August 2003 - Present
Treat patients, analyze, diagnose and design the most appropriate exercised and rehabilitation programs. Develop physical therapy for athletes. Give massages to sore patients. Help patients exercise and follow their rehabilitation programs. Teach patients how to use their prosthesis or surgical appliances.


License No. 135 - 5491348
Physical Therapy License from Massachusetts


Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
American International College, Springfield, MA

Affiliations and Certifications

• Member of the American Physical Therapy Association.
• Member of the Massachusetts Physical Therapy Association.
• First Aid Certification.

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