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Roy Garret

2352 W Portland St. Phoenix, AZ 85218
(602) 509 – 1946


To achieve a position as a Management Consultant in a company where I can use my knowledge and experience.


Over ten years of consulting experience. Strong analytical, negotiation and managing skills. Proficient at identifying problems, their causes and their responsible (s) and provide effective and fast solutions.


Senior Management Consultant, 2007 - Present
Casualty Insurance Co, Phoenix, AZ
Design, implement and configure networks in the company. Design, develop, test, and implement the new company’s software. Train staff who will use the software works and create security levels. Detect lacks of security in the software and network, as well as its misuse. Carry out studies inside and outside the company to determinate what new measurements should be implemented.

Associate Consultant, 2004 - 2007
Rapido Express Tax Service Corporation, Phoenix, AZ
Develop new strategies and projects to improve the company’s operations. Detect inappropriate practices and use of the resources in the company. Determinate the risks of a project and develop measurements to avoid them. Identify and solve the security failures that the company has.

Consultant, 1999 - 2002
K Corp. Technology Service, Tucson, AZ
Design new programs and applications to speed up and improve the development of the processes in the company. Develop a database to save all the company’s information. Monitor the data entry, especially for the confidential one. Instruct employees in the utilization of the database and new applications. Conduct studies in the company to verify the effect of the new applications.


Master of Business Administration in Information Technology Management
Western Governors University, Phoenix, AZ
2002 - 2004

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with Minor in Security
Western Governors University, Phoenix, AZ
1994 - 1998

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