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A hotel manager requires certain qualifications and we give you some clues to achieve the resume you might need to apply for a job.

Isabella Smith

2352 Falls Road Baltimore, MD 21208
(410) 585 – 3130


To find a job as a Hotel Manager in a hotel chain.


Outstanding verbal, written and listening skills.
In-depth knowledge of mathematical and financial aspects.
Proficient at using a variety of computer applications.
Capable of managing stress.
Detail- oriented.
Strong analytical skills.

Employment History

Guest Service Attendant
Hampton Inn and Suites, Baltimore, MD

2006 - Present
• Plan and develop hotel services as accommodation, catering, conferences, etc.
• Establish policies to improve customer service.
• Deal and solve customer’s queries and complaints.
• Set goals and make they are accomplished.

Customer Service Agent
Brexton Hotel, Baltimore, MD

1999 to 2006
• Manage, direct and supervise daily operations of the hotel as: Conference management, housekeeping, weekly stock, guest-list, bed book, reservations, engineering, etc.
• Assign tasks to the employees.
• Train new employees.


Master of Business Administration
Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
2004 - 2006

B.S. in Hospitality Management
Morgan State University, Baltimore, MD
1999 - 2004


Available upon request

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