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Charles Magee

321 Gramercy St. Columbus, OH 43019
(613) 451 – 3568


To find a challenging and rewarding position as a Sales Manager in a well-oriented and notable company.


Excellent professional with more than 15 years experience. Possess outstanding communication, conceptual and interpersonal skills. Fast decision-maker even under pressure, with a unique ability to develop strategies to achieve the goals.


• Generate profits of more than $5 million dollars in the year 2009.
• Employee of the Year, 2008
• Achieve millionaire partners for the company, in the year 2002.


General Sales Manager, 2004 - Present
Horizons Corporation, Columbus, OH

Direct the sales department. Supervise and assign tasks to the sales workers. Set and achieve the sales targets. Prepare weekly reports of the work done by the department. Develop new strategies to increase the products sales. Carried out studies to improve the company’s products. Develop programs to motivate employees. Design and plan advertising campaigns.

Lancione David & Associates, Columbus, OH
General Sales Manager, 1998 – 2003

Work with other departments to develop strategies to increase sales of products and reduce costs of labor. Work with the manufacturing unit and make suggestions to improve the development of the products. Manage the sales department. Develop annual and monthly budgets and present them to the executives. Train employees, assign tasks and providing them feedback.


The Master of Business Operational Excellence, 2008
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Bachelor in Marketing, 2001
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

Bachelor in Operations Management, 1995
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

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