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As film editor, the main information required might be the job experience organized by movies, if you had any awards you should include them also; see more tips in this film editor resume example.

Alexander Becket

1358 S Grand Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90192
(203) 568 -3216


To work as a Film Editor in a movie studio or motion picture companies.


Indie Production House
Film Editor. From 2008 to 2011

"Shoot Out." - 2011
Director: Morgan Spurlock

“Away in the Space” - 2009
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet

“Criminal Mind, Beautiful Soul” - 2007
Director: Oprah Sanders

"The Past Do Not Forget” - 2006
Director: Sidney Lumet

"Good Manners” - 2004
Director: Morgan Spurlock

Mad Media Entertainment
Film Editor From 2002 to 2003

" Eye in the Sky” - 2003
Director: Paul Greengrass

"The Hunted Eyes” - 2002
Director: Ozu Yasujiro


"Away in the Space"
Best Special Effects, Golden Globes Award, 2010

"The Past Do Not Forget"
Best Short Film, the Oscar Awards, 2007

"Eye in the Sky"
Best Short Film, MTV Movie Awards, 2004


B.A. of Film, Television and Digital Media
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
1998 - 2002


Available upon request.

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