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An Electrical engineer resume example that shows a candidate with 6 years of working experience detailed and education divided into related courses.

James Howard

235 Dalton Street Pittsburgh, PA 15063
(814) 555 6209


To obtain a challenging job as an Electronic Engineer in a serious and well-oriented company.

Employment History

Electrical Engineer, 2008 – Present
BPL Global, Pittsburgh, PA

- Design electronic circuits and components.
- Integrate electrical systems.
- Supervise the development of power supplies, high voltage pulsars and logic circuits projects.
- Hire and train employees and assign task to each one of them.
- Select orders and track the delivery of projects’ materials and equipment.
- Maintain all the electronic systems.

Assistant Electrical Engineer, 2002 – 2008
Alternative Technology, Pittsburgh, PA

- In charge of initial coding development of the design projects.
- Execution of the equipment orders.
- Write reports informing cost estimates and proposals.
- Install, maintain and repair procedures in target settings.
- Assemble and test new electrical devices.
- Perform weekly maintenance to the electronic systems and device.


Have followed the courses:
• 2010 - Digital Integrated Circuits Photovoltaic.
• 2008 - A-C Power Systems Electronic Properties of Materials.
• 2005 - PAT Portable Appliance Testing for Competent Person.
• 2004 - Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations.
• 2003 - Neural Networks Energy Analysis and Diagnostics.
• 2003 - Microelectronic Devices and Circuits.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Science and Engineering
Chatham University, Pittsburgh, PA
1998 - 2002

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