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As a designer, it's necessary to talk about skills in computer, and adwards received on your career, the employer might be also interested in your employment history in related jobs, as you can see in the example.

Katie Steward

2545 Jefferson St. Amherst, MA 01004
(512) 485-2415


To obtain a challenging and rewarding position in a department store as a Manager.


• Proficient at Windows and Office.
• Outstanding problem-solver with great analytical skills.
• More than ten years experience working in department stores.
• Strong organizational skills, capable of leading, managing and promoting a peaceful working environment.
• In-depth knowledge of sales, financial plan, cost control and operational organization.


General Manager
Elite Department Store

2008 - Present
Supervise the manager of each department and meet them every week to analyze their work, develop new campaigns and solve problems. Responsible for drafting budgets, developing new marketing concepts and solving problems in each department. Analyze sales and plan new promotional events. Analyze reports presented by the managers of each department and from them, write monthly reports to present them to the company’s executives.

Women's Department Manager
Wilson's Department Store

2001 - 2007
In charge of all the aspects related to the women's department. Select and train new employees and supervise the old ones. Responsible for evaluating sales, planning merchandising events, loss prevention and inventory control. Write and present monthly reports.


Bachelor in Business Management
University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA
1996 - 2001


Available upon request.

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