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To apply a job as musical composer, your skills are quite important as well as your job experience, if you have recording samples you can make reference to them in the resume as in this composer resume example.

Frank Smith

984 Kensington St. Ocala, FL. 34843
(612) 854-4578 - (612) 995-1245


To obtain a position as Music Composer.


• Proficient at several musical instruments as piano, keyboard, organ, accordion and guitar.
• Extensive knowledge of musical styles, especially classical, gospel, jazz, soul, waltz, tango music.
• Capable to compose in any situation or location.
• Willing to listen to advices or criticism.
• Great knowledge of music theory.
• Outstanding and innate music composer.


2011 - Present
• 3 songs for “No more” group.
• Jingle for ABAC.
• Working in the music of the new Selena’s disc.

2009 - 2010
• 4 songs for Brian’s new disc.
• Jingle for Nokia.
• Jingle for ABAC.
• Soundtrack for the movie “No voice”.
• Design the incidental music of the movie “No voice”.
• Compose music and lyrics of my own album.
• Jingle for Coca – Cola.

2006 - 2008
• Compose the music and lyrics of the Amen new disc.
• Jingle for LPM.
• Soundtrack for the movie “Far, far away”.
• 2 jingles for ABAC.

2003 - 2005
• Play with the band “Soul Mate”.
• 2 jingles for ABAC.


Master of Music in Performance
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Bachelor in Music Composition
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.


Recordings samples available upon request.

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