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A banking executive position is a challenging job, your task when writing a resume is to show that you're the person for the job.

Thomas Winters

614 Newman Av. Tulsa, OK – 74131
(417) 555-7125


To find a challenging and rewarding job position as commercial banking executive.


Multinational Bank, Tulsa, OK.
Vice President of International Affairs, 2006 - Present

Head of Europe Business Development. Responsible for the opening of the branches in London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona. Supervise the business development of the financing programs in all the European cities. Develop training programs for managers in the European division.

BCPS Bank, Oklahoma City, OK.
Head of the mortgage banking department, 2000 - 2006

Responsible for the good function of the department. Fire, hire and train staff. Prepare annual budget, decide strategies and plans to accomplish the department's objectives.
Assist employees with problematic situations.

SMP Bank, Denver, CO.
Bank Teller, 1998 to 2000

Receive cash and checks for deposit and process these deposits and payments. Help customers. Promote and sell bank services.


- Grow as a professional in a very short period of time.
- Manage a $50 million bank portfolio.
- Direct a training program for 50 employees.


Master in Finance, 2005 - 2007
Oklahoma State University - Tulsa, OK.

Bachelor in Finance, 1995 - 1999
University of Tulsa - Tulsa, OK.

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